Equipment Needed for Podcast

Equipment Needed for Podcast

What do you tend to do on your commute to work every day? Are you always “plugged in”? Do you tend to spend a lot of time listening to music? Do you bring a tablet to play games on or are you old fashioned and into reading a good book?

Whatever the case, it is common knowledge that humans always want to be entertained when they are doing mundane things. They want something that will keep the brain active and keep them stimulated during the day.

One of the biggest things people are getting into nowadays is podcasting. Podcasting is so huge right now that some of the biggest podcasters are multi-millionaires simply because of their shows. So, what is it about podcasting that is so amazing? And more importantly, why should you do it?

Why Podcasts – Equipment Needed for Podcast

Why do people bother listening to podcasts? Well, a big part about it is that it is like a tailored radio directly for you. You can choose what subject you want to listen to. The options are endless, you can either choose a more informative one that will teach you something new, or a more serialized one where it feels like a TV show.

One thing that is amazing about podcasts is that you can listen to them anywhere! Something like Netflix or playing a game, you cannot do while you are driving or at the gym. Podcasts are accessible everywhere and are so easy to listen to.

Getting into Podcasting

If you are really into podcasts, we recommend that you try it for yourself! The main reason is that it is easy and inexpensive if you know where to look! Podcasting is a lot of fun and if you take a few hours each week to make one, you will feel creative and could eventually make a lot of money.

Before you consider getting equipment, you need a great idea. A podcast needs to be more than you just talking about things. Remember: people are listening to you, and cannot be distracted by what they are watching. It needs to be captivating and engage the imagination.

First figure out what attracts you in a podcast: What ones do you listen to and why? Why would you concentrate on a certain one as opposed to another one? What really interests you and what would you be interested in talking about and researching every week?

This is something that is so important as you want to be interested in what you are doing! Once an idea is set, you will be one step closer to making your podcast a full reality!

The Equipment:

So what equipment do you need? The most important piece, obviously, is a stellar microphone of the highest quality. Note that we mention it must be high quality because if it is not, people are not going to listen to your podcast. People are too used to listening to high-quality podcasts, that if your mic sounds low-end and is not producing a clear sound, then there is no point in doing your podcast!

There are plenty of fantastic mics built by amazing manufacturers, such as Rode or the Blue Yeti, that are going to be affordable and will produce a great sound.

Another piece of equipment you need is a tripod or a stand to put a microphone on. You cannot just be holding the microphone — it is going to be a lot easier for you to have a stand to put it on. Also, having a microphone shield of some sort is crucial to keep it sounding good as new and keep dirt away from it is going to help you a lot.

You also should find a software program to help with your recording. There is Audacity, which is free, and then all the Adobe programs that can help you a lot. If you have a Mac, look into Garage band!

Once you have a mic and some sort of software to put the mic and audio into, doing a podcast is going to be a breeze!