How to Get Started Podcasting

How to Get Started Podcasting

What’s exciting nowadays is that anyone can be an entertainer or a journalist. We have the best resource available at our fingertips: The Internet. If used properly, you can reach millions and millions of people. Imagine what the world was like twenty years ago. If you wanted to be a recording artist or singer, you had to go to a record label.

Now you can just upload to YouTube and be heard by millions.

Back in the day, if you wanted to do research on a certain subject, you would have to go through books and try to find sources. Now, you can just Google the questions you have and look at documents and pictures from around the world. If you wanted to be a radio personality, you had to go on the radio, but nowadays you can record high-quality broadcasts from your home!

So, what is it you want to do? Would you want to become a podcaster?

Podcasts – How to Get Started Podcasting

One of the biggest crazes right now in the world of entertainment and education are podcasts. Podcasts have become integral to society, mainly because they are a way to get informed and to be entertained while on a commute to work or if you want some shut eye. While a lot of people love Netflix, that is a tool you cannot use everywhere, but listening to a podcast is simple, easy, and you can seriously listen while doing anything!

If you have never listened to a podcast, simply open your smart device, or open your computer, and search around. Some of the biggest ones are known to be: Freakonomics, Serial, and The Joe Rogan Experience.

Starting A Podcast

Just like YouTube, the beauty of podcasts is that anyone can start one! That is what makes them unique. If you go to the Apple Podcast tab (found on the iPhone or iPad) and look through, you will find thousands and thousands of podcasts. If you are looking to do a podcast yourself, here is a guide on how to get started and what you should do and what you shouldn’t do.

We hope it helps you on your podcasting journey!

The Beginning

Every great podcast begins with an idea. You need a concrete idea so you know what your podcast is going to be about. If you are just thinking, “I just want to talk about anything,” we strongly recommend going back to the drawing board.

For inspiration look at the top ten podcasts available right now. Some are interview formats with interesting people. Some are history based. Some are information based, informing the listener of something they may not know. Some are formatted like a TV show, where you follow a character and want to know what happens next.

We recommend sitting down with friends and brainstorming. Figure out what the crux of your podcast is going to be, why it needs to exist, what your direct competition would be, and what you need to plan to get it off the ground.


You need to plan what your podcast is going to be. You simply cannot just release one episode whenever you want. They need to be edited, they need to be thought out, and they need to be released in a good scheduled way. Planning is crucial.

The reason we spend so much reiterating this point is this is what is going to separate your podcast from the rest. If you want to seem professional, you must plan!

The Equipment

Once a plan is in place, you need the proper equipment to get started. Obviously with a podcast, you are going to need a microphone. Just a standard microphone from the dollar store is not going to cut it. People are used to listening to high-quality podcasts, you need to take the time to purchase one that will produce clear listening and clear recording.

There are plenty available online and in stores. We recommend looking and Googling around for “the best podcast mic to buy.” Also try and invest in some music for your podcast as an intro and an outro.