Rode Podcaster vs. Blue Yeti

Rode Podcaster vs. Blue Yeti

People always want to be entertained, or they want something that will make a boring activity go by faster. That’s why so many people listen to music, watch Netflix, or scroll through Instagram or Facebook. We are so invested in what other people are doing and never want a second that we are not being entertained.

We’re always are “plugged in” and wanting to stay connected with something around us.

One of the most popular pastimes, especially during commutes to and from work, is podcast listening. Podcasting is becoming larger every single year, with some of the top podcasters earning millions and millions of dollars!

Why Podcasting: Rode Podcaster vs. Blue Yeti

Why are people interested in podcasting and why should you consider doing it, too? First off, what makes podcasting amazing is that you can listen to them anywhere. This is unlike something like YouTube or Netflix. You can listen to a podcast while driving or listen to it while at the gym.

The options are endless! Podcasting is also fantastic because it forces you to listen. You need to concentrate on what people are saying. It also engages your imagination and your ability to visualize, which is something that so many people are losing every year.

If you are getting into podcasting, we applaud you, because we think everyone should at least try it even if they have a little bit of interest! The main reasons are that it is cheap and that it is easy! You do not need that advanced equipment, most importantly you just need to invest in a fantastic microphone!


People these days are used to listening to high-quality podcasts. If you upload one that is recorded on a sub par mic, they are more liable to shut it off. The main reason: ear wants to hear clean and crisp sound. It is so important that you take the time to purchase one that is regarded as some of the best.

Two of the most regarded microphones for podcasting are the Rode Podcaster and the Blue Yeti. Today we are going to be looking at them individually and together to see what one is the best.

The Rode Podcaster

Firstly, let’s talk about the Rode brand. Rode is one of the prime manufacturers of anything to do with audio equipment. They are known for their high-quality devices at reasonable prices. They make products that are durable and that produce high qualities of sound.

The Rode Podcaster is no different. This is a dynamic mic that has been created with podcasters in mind. This is a USB microphone, meaning that it can hook up directly to both a Windows or a Mac system easily through a USB port. This makes set up incredibly easy and great for beginners.

This is of the highest quality and perfect for making home recordings. This is a dynamic microphone and not a condenser microphone. This is a huge advantage if you are recording in a place with a lot of loud sounds around as it will zone in on your voice.

The Blue Yeti

The Blue Yeti is also another microphone that you should be looking at as a new podcaster. The Blue Yeti is a great brand, also known for their high-quality craftsmanship and their attention to detail.

This is a condenser microphone, so not a dynamic one, that is used by a lot of podcasters around the world. It delivers fantastic audio quality as it’s equipped with condenser capsules. This is also a USB connected microphone, so set up is easy. You get the highest quality of audio recording and it is easy to use.

The Blue Yeti also comes with its own stand, making it so easy to record from home.

What One Is Better?

This is a hard question to answer as it does vary by user. In our humble opinion, we do feel that the Rode Podcaster delivers a higher quality of sound, but the ease of use and the way it is set up is better in the Blue Yeti. We find that if you are recording from home by yourself, the Blue Yeti is the way to go!