The Beauty of the Blue Yeti Podcasting Microphone Review

The Beauty of the Blue Yeti Podcasting Microphone Review

When it comes to professional audio equipment, it’s not always a safe bet to go with the popular choice. The Beats headphones prove that. They look cool, but they don’t sound that good. When it comes to podcasting mics, it’s a different story.

These Blue Yeti USB microphones are extremely popular, and there’s a good reason for that. In fact, it has a  lot of good reasons for its best-selling status.

Features of Blue Yeti Podcasting Microphone

The Blue Yeti is regarded as an “entry-level” microphone. But if this is a car, it’s not like a Honda or a Toyota. Instead, it’s more like a BMW 3-series, and with its entry-level price it’s just fantastic.

  • Let’s start with its connectability. Here you just plug it in any USB port with the included USB cable. There aren’t any drivers or installation software to install. Your OS will recognize, you can then pick it as your input source, have it calibrated by the OS, and you’re good to go.
  • The mic comes with a nice stand that lets you adjust its angle. So, if you’re the lone speaker in the podcast, you can adjust the mic towards you. You have screws to hold it in place on your desk, but you can also remove the mic from its base when it’s warranted.
  • Once it’s plugged in, you can choose the pattern mode that best suits your podcasting environment. You have the cardioid mode for single direction sound sourcing, when you want the mic to focus on what’s in front of it for the recording. With stereo mode, have left and right channels to capture a more realistic sound setting. The bidirectional mode works best for interviews, as it captures the sound from the front and rear of the mic. Finally, there’s an omnidirectional mode so you can use a single mic for when a whole group is having a discussion or when the entire band is playing.
  • The various controls are very easy to access, so you can make instant corrections and adjustments to changing recording conditions. If you’re taking a short break in your recording, you can just use the instant mute button. Is your sound source too loud so you’re experiencing feedback? You can just adjust the gain control to set the mic sensitivity.
  • The controls also enable you to adjust the headphone settings, and this ability to use headphones in your recording is truly helpful. It enables you to listen to your recording in real time, and without the normal half-second delay you normally get from PC audio software.
  • Here you have lots of color options, but the visual appeal of the retro design works in any color. It just gives off that old-school vibe that makes you think of radio stations and recording studios back in the 1940s. It somehow inspires you to give your all when you’re podcasting.


Here are the many reasons that people love the Blue Yeti:

  • The setup is incredibly simple. Even those who are afraid of installing PC accessories will find it a hassle-free experience to connect this to a computer. It’s basically like putting in a new plug n’ play mouse via USB. That’s it. There aren’t any drivers to worry about. It doesn’t need an ultra-modern PC either, as you can have a USB 1.1 port and Windows XP. It connects with Macs, too.
  • The sound clarity of the Blue Yeti is amazing. It matches the audio quality of other mics that are much more expensive. It’s so great-sounding that one SNL editor even confessed to using this mic for lots of voiceover work.
  • The fact that you have four modes to choose from offer you a lot of versatility that covers a wide range of podcasting environments. So you can pick the cardioid or stereo mode for solo work, and choose modes for interviews and group discussions or band performances.
  • The various controls are easy to access and use for any type of adjustment.
  • It looks great, and it can inspire you to become more eloquent in your podcasts.
  • The entry-level price makes professional-style podcasts possible even for newbies.
  • It’s very sturdy, and quality control is good. The 2-year warranties are honored without much of a fuss either, and you can get a replacement quickly if your unit is in any way defective.


Is it perfect? Not quite.

  • There have been a growing number of people using iMacs who may encounter issues. One suggestion is that you need to leave the sound settings open—somehow this helps the mic work dependably.
  • With its weight, it’s not really well-suited for field work.


Are you streaming podcasts in your home or office? If you’re a newbie (or even a veteran), get this. It sounds great, works reliably, easy to set up, and even looks wonderful. At this price range, the Blue Yeti is a steal.