The Rode NT-USB USB Condenser Microphone Review

The Rode NT-USB USB Condenser Microphone Review

Are you looking for a new microphone for your creative space? Do you want to record a podcast or record yourself singing? To help you in a purchase decision, we are going to be reviewing the Rode NT-USB USB Condenser Microphone. This microphone is available to buy at Amazon. So, is it worth purchasing?

Features of Rode NT-USB USB Condenser Microphone

The Rode NT-USB USB Condenser Microphone comes equipped with a lot of features set to help produce a stellar sound of recording while offering ease of use! First off, let’s start off by talking about this brand. Rode mics are some of the best on the market right now and are used by professionals everywhere.

They offer state of the art services and have a wide variety of products that range in price. Rode mics can often be found on a film set or around a famous podcaster’s office! But does this specific product hold up to the name?

What struck us at first about the Rode NT-USB USB Condenser Microphone is that it is reasonably priced. There are many contending microphones that go well over $500, and this can get too costly for most people, especially if you just want to use it as a hobby. The Rode NT-USB USB Condenser Microphone is well under $500 and still can produce a quality of sound.

You want to find a microphone that can easily connect to the computer, and it does not get easier than this. This is a high-quality microphone that can be used in the studio, that connects directly to a USB port. It is that easy! There is almost no noise with this microphone and it features a mix control built right in the mic.

This really helps those of you who may not have any software in place for audio recording and still want to have a way to test levels and adjust the microphone’s settings.

This mic set comes with a perfect way to get ready to record a podcast or film narration for a movie or animated film. It comes with a Tripod stand that the mic can sit on, fantastic for recording voices for a song, and also comes with a pop shield and a ring mount. There are a lot of microphones on the market right now that definitely do not come with any of these additional features!

This Rode mic is perfect for recording music of any kinds, including a variety of instruments and above all the human voice. It works well with both Windows and Mac computers and can hook up directly to Apple’s iPad and the camera on it. The body features a 3.5-millimeter jack for headphones that you can attach to.

The USB cable that comes with it measures 6m, so you can be a long distance away from the microphone. The resolution is 16-bit, and this comes with a one-year warranty on all the pieces. The frequency range on this mic is 20Hz-20kHz.


  • Very high quality
  • Comes with tripod
  • Fantastic for music
  • High quality of sound
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with both Mac and PC


  • Cannot handle extremely loud vocals or will distort
  • Great at close range, not far away

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a microphone of any kind, it’s crucial that you know what you are going to use it for before purchasing. If you are into podcasting and just recording the human voice talking, then the mic you purchase is going to be very unique. If you are a singer, or in a band, and looking to record music then that is another group of mics as well.

Know what you are going to use it for and let that influence your final purchase decision.

With that being said, we believe the Rode NT-USB USB Condenser Microphone is a decent microphone on the market today. We found it can produce a very high quality of sound and it is really easy to hook up to the computer. It also comes with a long USB cable that is great.

The downside to this microphone is that it distorts if the vocals are too loud (especially when singing) and you have to be close to it to get a high quality.